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One of the goals of the CATEP grant is, through student internships, to allow students to experience firsthand the importance of soft skills in the workplace. By working in a temporary position with an emphasis of on-the-job training, the various soft skills become a day-to-day reality, rather than an exercise in the classroom or textbook lesson. In addition, the student will gain experience in their field, determine if they still have an interest in that field, create a network of contacts, and/or gain school credit. There is also the prospect of interns returning to the company after completing their education and requiring little or no training – a major cost saving for the company.

CATEP offers a $300 stipend to ACC students enrolled in CIS-287, ACC-287, or BUS-287 (Student Cooperative Education) classes. These internships classes have integrated Employability Skills (i.e. "soft skills") into the course objectives and syllabi.

Students: talk with your course instructor to see if you qualify for this stipend.