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Curriculum Modification

One of the primary goals of the NSF CATEP grant is to begin teaching the Employability (i.e. Soft) Skills to IT students bound for support of the high-growth Aerospace, Energy, BioScience, or IT industries in Colorado. In order to accomplish this, a common course – CIS118 – taught at all community colleges in Colorado was chosen to infuse these skills as part of the standard curriculum. CIS118 concentrates on the Microsoft Office products and is a common course to many disciplines at all Colorado community colleges. By choosing this class, a majority of students could gain from this enhancement. The Employability Skills targeted by CATEP are a sub-set of the Super-Set accumulated during the grant proposal effort and amended during the first year.

The curriculum changes were “trial tested” in a few CIS118 classes during the Spring 2009 semester at ACC. Based on the results of this trial, and faculty training received during the summer at BATEC, the CIS118 curriculum at ACC has been permanently modified for implementation into some sections beginning Fall 2009 with remaining sections beginning Spring 2010. At Aims, all sections have been modified beginning Fall 2009.

CATEP Employability Skills Super-Set



Written communication

Verbal communication

Work and Personal Ethics, Values, and Standards

Self-management and Interpersonal Skills

Self-motivation and Initiative

Listening and Using Information

Willingness to learn

Teamwork and Collaboration


Critical Thinking and Problem-solving